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    Electromaax, design and build most of the key components that make up our compact, quiet, simple to operate R/O energy recovery pump water makers. The systems are modular and comprise of nine main parts, plus some simple miscellaneous locally available universal fit parts. Regardless of output and water quality these nine parts never vary and need to be in every water maker

    1/ a 10%, 15% or 20% Clark energy recovery pump mechanical intensifier

    2/ One or two Boost pumps

    3/ On units over 25 GPH or 93 liters a third feed pump

    4/ a racer, cruiser semi electronic or fully electronic remote panel

    5/ One or multiple membranes

    6/One or multiple pressure vessels with end caps, hardware and retaining rings

    7/ one or two prefilters, with filter housings

    8/ One accumulator tank

    9/ multiple plumbing fittings.

    10/ High pressure hoses

    11/ten year Enhanced Clark pump warranty

    We manufacture every component in all three output enhanced Clark pumps, in addition we make the endcaps and retaining rings that fit into both ends of the pressure vessels. Also, all three remote panels are built in our factory.

    Along with our standard models our design team will customize units for Yacht builders, refilters, dealers and distributors as well as Cruisers. The cost of shipping filters and their housing, membranes, plumbing parts and other locally available identical items is now cost prohibitive.

    We encourage other water maker manufacturers that need to add a line of energy recovery options to their current A.C. or D.C line. Contact David Smith at davidsmith@electromaax.com for more information.

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