Serious Cruisers (30ft-52ft) Package YANMAR Black Friday Special ! 330amp


Great serous Cruiser package you may need additional Victron compomponents! WE  have them at GREAT discounts.   EVEN more rebates IF you call now.

Cruisers heading offshore for extended periods of time that want energy, water and fuel independence, this is one of systems we recommend for vessels 28 -52 feet with 2 -4 people on board. Serious Cruisers need fair amounts of energy storage, but need fast charging from their diesel. This compact, simple, super high output system is ideal. The 330 amp house battery bank is the equivalent to 660 amps of lead acid. Their primary source of energy comes from solar. Our Genmaax alternators are a super back up eliminating the need for portable gas or inboard generators.

The Genmaax 215 amp alternator is a simple bolt on replacement and the Pro X  regulator comes with all needed peripherals to control your charging. The simple light weight 330-amp Life PO 4 battery is a drop in replacement. Create space, save weight, save fuel, add a load to the engine at idle, extend your cruising range, reduce engine run time.

The water maker uses so little energy and is relatively high output just let it run every day after the solar has topped up the batteries. You will have surplus clean water after any human needs, to get the salt off of key boat components (stainless steel fittings, rigging, canvas and out parts the sun and salt want to eat)

If your need to add other Electromaax or Victron components to this package just email



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