GenMaax Foot Mount, 12 Volt, 215 Amp Alternator/Generator



This Super High-Output alternator/generator is all you need to survive, covering all energy needs on your boat. The frame is hard black anodized with a special salt water resistant coating that enhances heat dissipation, which is critical for any alternator over 160 amps. The simple, bolt-on replacement, 215 amp GenMAAX gives you all the output of a large-case alternator in a small case that fits 99% of marine engines.

Eliminates or substantially reduces a cruiser’s reliance on solar panels and/or portable generators. Specifically developed to meet the technical demands of the new generation AGM, Lithium and Gel Batteries, the GenMAAX 215 Super High-Output alternator/generator produces a continuous 168 amps covering most cruisers’ daily energy needs in very short order. More significantly, it also covers very large loads simultaneously. · Transforms your propulsion engine making it a generator too. · At idle RPM the GenMAAX applies the required load to charge your batteries AND covers additional loads required by other devices. · Saves space, weight and capital cost that other energy making devices (Solar/Wind/Portable generators) require. · Part of your existing systems, so no additional systems to maintain. · Dual internal fans for enhanced cooling. Applies a load at idle that prevents the engine from choking up. Unmatched installation support Upon purchase, your Marine Smart Dealer or Technician will contact you prior to shipment to discuss your application, ensuring you get the right parts and the easiest possible installation. We provide free telephone support, too.


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