Cruiser FM-12-160a Alternator and E-MAAX PRO X Regulator Kit



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For cruisers with Volvo Penta, Perkins and or some other older marine engines that use the 1” or 2” foot mount belt system’s we have a simple bolt on replacement alternator.  We advise that this is the maximum output a single foot mount alternator should ever be installed, as the aluminum front housing may snap under this much load.

We do build spaces enabling our saddle mount to fit on many 1” and 2” foot mount engines, enabling you to install our Genmaax SM-12 250 amp or our Genmaax SM-24-165 amp super high output units.  Contact support at Electromaax for specific details.

The 160 amp FM alternator  is Ideal for lead acid, Agm, GEL and smaller Lithium battery banks.   The Pro X will charge any technology battery at the correct voltage the specific battery manufacturer requires, critical in A.G.M. GEL and flooded batteries IF you want them to last.

This 160 amp Foot mount Cruiser alternator and E-MAAX PRO X regulator   package comes with Alternator Temperature sensor, Battery Temp sensor and Voltage Sensor, Current Sensor for Battery and Alternator. This is a 160 amp high output alternator with the pulley on to match your specific belt system. If your current engine runs on a single V belt Contact supportat Electromaax to see if we have a serpentine pulley conversion kit for your engine

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