Yanmar Secondary Alternator Mounting Bracket Kit

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    The Electromaax Yanmar secondary alternator mounting brackets, fit Yanmar marine engines over 40 HP. Each system allows for dual alternator installations in most Marine engine bays.

    With this bracket kit you can run twin alternators consecutively in order to substantially reduce charging time. This bracket allows you to increase your output up to 250 12 V (500 with two alternators in 12 V and 330 amps in 24 V) if required.

    Our Brackets combined with serpentine pulleys, GenMaax alternators and the Pro X smart regulator enable you to eliminate back up generators if space permits.

    Electromaax has an extensive line of top quality second alternator brackets for most Yanmar engines over 40 HP — from the 1980s until today. Since the recent arrival (2012) of Yanmar multi groove marine engines, it is now viable to add high output marine alternators in multiple voltages on one or two engines.

    Now, with the addition of Victron DC to DC chargers, and the Emaax Pro X, regulator combined with Life PO 4 battery technology — second alternators are starting to eliminate the need for back up generators.

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