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Little Niagara 30GPH – AC-110/230

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Little Niagara 30GPH – AC-110/230

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Product Description

The Little Niagara marine watermaker is the only watermaker for cruisers needing high volumes of fresh drinking water while sailing. Converting commercial levels of fresh water from seawater, our watermakers out shine the competition through energy efficiency, water quality and water production speed. The Little Niagara 30GPH – AC-110/230 Marine Watermaker provides great convenience and many advantages over conventional watermakers and desalination systems.

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Little Niagara 30GPH – AC-110/230

The Little Niagara marine watermaker is a water production and R/O (reverse osmosis) system that has been tried, tested and proven to be the most reliable watermaker of it’s kind. Our watermakers are tested with a seawater temperature of 68° F, a sea water TDS of 33,200 parts per million, and a system operating pressure of 850PSI.

The Little Niagara marine watermaker boasts the following:

  • the pressure vessel has an extremely small foot print
  • the system fits in small and discreet areas of your boat
  • runs via a 3500 watt plus inverter or through the backup gen-set.
  • easily handles larger vessels and rental fleets
  • fiber resin membrane vessel comes with a 5 year warranty

See: full specification sheet here

Components Included In The Box

  • 1 Control panel with stainless steel fittings and gauges
  • 1 high flow, high pressure direct couples stainless steel pump 4.3 by General Pump
  • 1 4.0″x 22″ DOW film Tec R
  • 1 clear filter housing
  • 1 mounting bracket
  • 1 manual flush system
  • 1 pressure relief valve to protect the system
  • 1 high pressure/2000 psi fiber resin membrane vessel
  • 1 TDS hand held water quality meter
  • Installation and Instruction manual
  • Polyamide thin-film membrane
  • 1 2.5 hp ac motor
  • 1 2 amp D.C. Boost Pump
  • Pre-filtration 20 and 5 micron filters with clear filter housing and mounting brackets
  • 1 activated carbon filter
  • 2 stainless steel high pressure hoses and fittings
  • Pickling solution
  • Extra 20 and 5 micron filters

A marine watermker is a big investment and so you want to make sure the unit you’re paying for will perform optimally in all environments. Check out the Aquamaax Little Niagara marine watermaker reviews below and contact us with your questions. Our goal is to ensure you’ve got enough quality drinking for as long as you’re sailing on your boat and we’ve manufactured our watermaker to live up to the highest standards in the industry.

  • Fresh water is required to flush or store the watermaker. The Aquamaax automatic Fresh Water Flush assembly greatly prolongs the life of the reverse osmosis membrane elements by rinsing them with fresh water at the touch of a button, by forcing a small amount out of the boats tank. The fresh water flush automatically repeats […]