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Electromaax is a leading manufacturer of energy recovery D.C. RO water makers with a long history in the industry. During this time the use of solar energy has become increasingly prevalent with boating enthusiasts and particularly among serious cruisers.

In response to this growing trend, we’ve developed an RO watermaker that utilizes minimal energy while producing high-quality drinking water through the use of advanced 21-inch membranes. This innovative solution addresses the growing demand for efficient and reliable water-making systems that are powered by renewable energy sources.

The Aquamaax energy recovery D.C. RO water maker is the quietest on the market

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For 12 years, Electromaax has been manufacturing D.C. water makers. In that time Solar has become the primary source of energy for most serious cruisers. What was needed was a high output water maker that used the minimum for energy while maintaining the highest quality drinking water that the 21” membranes achieve.

Lithium batteries allow a cruiser to carry vast amounts of energy that their solar can replenish days later. Combine solar, Lithium and super high output alternators of today and energy availability on a boat has progressed to levels we could not imagine just a few years.

The Solarmaax uses the hydraulic Clark Pump intensifier and energy recovery device that sets a new industry standard for maximum efficiency. By using a low pressure feed pump, the Clark Pump is able to provide the necessary pressure for reverse osmosis to occur while consuming up to 75% less energy than previous conventional systems. It recycles the energy and boosts the low pressure feed water up to 800 PSI (55 Bar). The Clark Pump is made of modern composites and engineered plastics, ensuring long-lasting, reliable very performance.

As a result, our engineers set about making a line of water makers that could first be the most energy efficient on the market. Our clients wanted something that could utilize their solar especially on days when their solar topped off their batteries early. On bad weather days they run their Electromaax alternator to achieve the same result.


  • Super quiet
  • High output
  • Highest quality drinking water
  • Most compact in the industry
  • Very easy to install electrically and mechanically even for the DIY
  • Super light weight
  • Most energy efficient water maker to date, 5 D.C. amps at 24 Volts generates 10 Gallons
  • No proprietary consumables
  • Military grade components utilizing Titanium components in critical areas allowing higher pressure resulting in higher output


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