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AC Watermakers

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  • The 42 inch 20GPH AC marine watermaker is the choice for cruisers who use diesel or gas generators and is the preferred system when using wind or solar energy and running units through the ship’s catalytic converter. It generates enough water to sustain a large family or crew, but is compact enough to fit in inconspicuous areas of the […]

  • The Little Niagara marine watermaker is the only watermaker for cruisers needing high volumes of fresh drinking water while sailing. Converting commercial levels of fresh water from seawater, our watermakers out shine the competition through energy efficiency, water quality and water production speed. The Little Niagara 30GPH – AC-110/230 Marine Watermaker provides great convenience and many advantages over conventional watermakers […]

  • The 42 inch tube AC 30GPH marine watermaker is a model that is great for boats with a lot of space want to generate large quantities of fresh water. It can be powered by your gas Honda 2000 engine, by a portable generator or through your boat’s catalytic inverter. This 42 inch 30GPH AC watermaker model comes with second membrane which is […]