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Marine Water Makers


What type best meets your boat’s specific needs? D.C., A.C. or belt driven off the engine?

Aquamaax Marine Watermakers

Water is a precious daily need. It’s used for making tea or coffee, but most water is used for bathing. That, and getting salt away from canvas, stainless and other items that sun and salt are constantly threatening with corrosion.

Every yacht water maker follows the same reverse osmosis principle. Highly pressurized seawater (850 psi) flows through a semi permeable membrane, allowing an amount of freshwater to pass. This freshwater is collected and directed into tanks and the remaining seawater flows into the sea as brine.

You will find our D.C. water maker range to be the simplest and lightest to install; the easiest to operate and maintain, and provide highest output with the best water quality.

When combined with our 12 or 24 volt GenMaax alternator/generators you can yield 15 gallons of water, top up your batteries and make hot water all in 30 minutes per day.

Engine or belt driven systems used to be considered the most efficient water makers for yachts because you made water for free, every time you ran your engine. Their big disadvantage was that they are not easy to install and sometimes there is not enough space around the engine to accommodate the high-pressure pump that is required. With our GenMaax combo units (pictured below) D.C. is now far more efficient than engine driven. AC driven systems make perfect sense if you run a generator regularly.We offer a range of models.

Due to harsh conditions, all of our water makers are manually controlled. Keeping our system free of computerization means it costs less and is much more reliable.