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AirMaax Marine Wind GeneratorBoat enthusiasts spend extended amounts of time not on the docks, but rather adrift at sea and so inevitably, they can see the benefits to converting that wind into electrical power for the boat.

Modern wind energy technologies are making it very easy and very economical to install wind generators on boats in order to create an efficient electricity source for all of your boating needs.

The clean energy that is produced from going “wind” is very attractive to boaters who want to be eco-friendly. It can also save a lot of money over the long term of your boating life.


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The ideal power source for boats

Wind generators are particularly ideal in the case of large power boats or sailboats, which usually spend large amounts of time in areas where there is a lot of strong wind.

On the other hand, the benefits aren’t specific to any one type of boat. Depending on the size of the wind generator system, it can produce enough power to “trickle” charge the boat’s batteries or create enough electricity for a small to medium-sized refrigerator.

If the wind is blowing around 15 knots, a small wind generator (six blades) can create as much as 3 amps per hour. Larger units can produce as much as 7 amps per hour.

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