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Welcome to the Marine Smart Energy Solutions Blog where you’ll find all sorts of information related to smart energy marine products, customer testimonials, the latest news in the marine industry and product updates and specials!

  • Preparing for Boating Emergencies

    Boating is one of the best pastimes America has to offer. Surrounded by beautiful waters and home to thousands of lakes, the U.S. overall is a huge fan of recreational boating. But with all of this boating comes risks. Although it is considered a relatively safe way to have fun, boating still comes with real […]

  • Yanmar 3GM30F New Alternator Install

    Putting a high output alternator in an engine such as the Yanmar 3GM30F can be a fantastic decision to make. There are many benefits, including a significant increase in the power capacity of your boat. And there is hardly a more popular choice for alternators than Electromaax. Let’s look at a specific case and understand […]

  • Alternators, Regulators & Serpentine Kits

    Generate more power faster, and extend your engine life, too Dollar for dollar, upgrading your alternator may be the best project you can undertake on your cruising sailboat. A high power alternator makes more electricity available away from the dock, giving you more power for electronics, lighting, windlass, AC appliances, a watermaker, even colder beer!