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Welcome to the Marine Smart Energy Solutions Blog where you’ll find all sorts of information related to smart energy marine products, customer testimonials, the latest news in the marine industry and product updates and specials!

  • My Experience Upgrading To A High Output Alternator

    This letter is long overdue but I wanted to let you know about our experiences with your product since we left San Francisco bay in September of 2010. I knew I needed to add a high output alternator to recharge the batteries efficiently & there were a few choices available. Our boat has two 4D […]

  • Testimonial Of The Yanmar 3JH3 Charging System Upgrade

    Attached is a photo of our installation of an  Electromaax  Yanmar 3JH3  serpentine pulley upgrade kit  and an Electrommax Sm-12-180a with a Balmar MC- 614 external regulator.  The installation went very smoothly and the tech support was excellent on the couple of questions I had. The reason we are upgrading our charging system is because we are going on […]

  • Brad Fox Electromaax Testimonial

    A very satisfied Electromaax customer and his wife were preparing to take a cruise down through the Caribbean Island and up through the East Coast and decided to send us a few kinds words about their installation. Enjoy! Currently my wife and I are in the process of preparing to take an 18 month cruise […]

  • Testimonial – Chilled water cooled by the free energy of the wind!

    Two full time sailors/explorers and their seafaring chocolate lab “Puddles” have been preparing to set out on the S/V KARMA IV out of Nova Scotia. Before setting sail they installed our AirMaax marine wind generator and have written about their progress. In their blog they report that after a 24 hour test with a brisk, steady 15- 25 knot wind, the AirMaax wind generator was churning out […]

  • Yanmar 3GM30F New Alternator Install

    Putting a high output alternator in an engine such as the Yanmar 3GM30F can be a fantastic decision to make. There are many benefits, including a significant increase in the power capacity of your boat. And there is hardly a more popular choice for alternators than Electromaax. Let’s look at a specific case and understand […]

  • Electromaax – A Superior Company

    My first encounter with Electromaax was 10 years ago when I was preparing my C&C 30 for coastal cruising through the Great Lakes and the Caribbean. A major part of the refit was the energy system to support the boat’s increasingly complicated electronics, autopilot, refrigeration and myriad other electrical requirements. At the time, I found […]

  • Preparing for Boating Emergencies

    Boating is one of the best pastimes America has to offer. Surrounded by beautiful waters and home to thousands of lakes, the U.S. overall is a huge fan of recreational boating. But with all of this boating comes risks. Although it is considered a relatively safe way to have fun, boating still comes with real […]

  • Safely Boating with Kids

    Boating can be a fantastic opportunity to teach your kids so many useful things about the open sea. It can also be incredibly fun. But like any adventure you embark with the kids, having some ideas to keep things on track and take some basic precautions is helpful. Swimming Skills Children should generally know how […]

  • Installing an Electromaax Alternator in a Beneteau 50 with a Yanmar 4JH3-THE

    Having a particular boat with a particular engine means wanting some specific directions when it comes to something like replacing or installing a new alternator. Electromaax is often rated one of the best and is certainly one of the most common ways to “upgrade” your boat. When it comes to upgrading your alternator Upgrading the […]

  • Buizen 48 Sloop

    BLOG ON FITTING OF NEW ELECTROMAAX ALTERNATORS AND SERPENTINE PULLEY KITS. By Phil Lack: owner “Wavelength” – Buizen 48 Sloop ( After deciding to try to trace the cause of an electrical leakage problem on my 20 yr old Buizen 48 – “Wavelength” and engaging a specialist marine electrician to conduct a thorough inspection and […]

  • The Fitting Of A New Electromaax Alternator And Serpentine Pulley Kit

    After deciding to try to trace the cause of an electrical leakage problem on my 20 year old Buizen 48 – “Wavelength” and engaging a specialist marine electrician to conduct a thorough inspection and analysis of all on board electrical systems, it became apparent that a serious refit was in order in a number of […]

  • Need Help Choosing A High Output Alternator?

    Do you need help choosing an alternator for your boat? Are you considering a high output alternator made especially for the marine industry? If so read on. A high powered marine alternator is designed and created to produce only a certain amount of power. This is the power that you need especially when the engine […]

  • Customer Installation Photos

    Doug Dreyer, a Virginia sailor, is very pleased with his new ElectroMaax alternator and sent photos of the installation.  From lighting to refrigeration, the ElectroMaax High Output Marine Alternator maximizes electricity away from port, giving you more power. All Electromaax alternators are now a simple “plug and play” which means no rewiring on Yanmar’s and […]